At Mass

Are you a girl or boy in Grade 6 or older?  Would you like a more active role in serving your church?
Please consider becoming an Altar Server for St. Joseph Parish!
You will be trained and will be taught how to perform this special role for our parish.

Being an Altar Server is a very privileged way of participating in the Mass and assisting the priest at the altar.

Pope Francis has spoken about how being an altar server is a great way for students to experience God in their lives. He said:
“It is important to realize that being close to Jesus and knowing him in the Eucharist through altar serving is an opportunity for you to help others. . and will help you learn how to set high goals and to find the strength to achieve them”. (August 4, 2015)

2017 Altar Server Application 

Fall 2017 Ministry and Server Schedule
    September 2 - November 26, 2017 


Eucharistic Ministers

Lay ministers assist in Communion distribution at our weekday and weekend Masses.  Training is provided, and you can choose at which Mass you would like help.  
Joanne Denyer, Pastoral Associate
(419) 885-5791


Parishioners are trained to proclaim the Word of God during our liturgical celebrations.  Training is provided, and you can choose at which Mass you would like help.  
Joanne Denyer, Pastoral Associate 
(419) 885-5791 

Ushers/Ministers of Hospitality

Ministers of Hospitality are those who present a welcoming response and inviting atmosphere to those who attend, and discern the needs of those who come for our Masses.  Ushers greet those as they enter our worship area and assist in their seating needs.  They are involved in the collection and distribution of Communion.
Joanne Denyer, Pastoral Associate 
(419) 885-5791

Altar Servers

All children in grades 6 through high school are trained to assist the presider at Mass and Funerals.  they serve in various ways within the Mass including carrying the cross, holding the Sacramentary, bringing the sacred vessels and ministering the wine and water for the priest.  
Parish Center
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